Niobrara Shale Formation and the Denver-Julesburg Basin


Denver-Julesburg Basin

Denver-Julesburg Basin

A senior executive with extensive experience in oil and gas exploration, Joshua “Josh” Neale Wolcott has served as director of operations for Cimmaron Resources since 2008. Among his other projects with Cimmaron, Joshua Wolcott established drilling operations in the northern Denver-Julesburg Basin that spanned approximately 55,000 acres.

The Denver-Julesburg Basin sits atop a significant portion of the Niobrara, a large shale formation that many industry professionals have compared to the Bakken shale formation to the north. An emerging oil and gas play, the Niobrara is attracting a range of developers who are securing land leases for future drilling.

The portion of the Niobrara formation that lies beneath the Denver-Julesburg Basin is a combination of shale, marl, chalk, and sandstone. It is situated between 5,500 and 8,500 feet below the earth’s surface. Although primarily exploited as an oil play, its low-lying Codell tight sands formation is currently garnering interest as an emerging natural gas play.


Three of America’s Most Active Natural Resource Reserves

Joshua Neale Wolcott serves Cimmaron Resources, Inc., in Denver as director of operations and land. Joshua Wolcott joined the company in 2005 and has held additional titles, such as interim vice president. In his role with Cimmaron, JoshWolcott oversees activities in three of the nation’s most active natural resource areas.

The Rocky Mountain region is known for hosting a number of petroleum reserves, perhaps none more bountiful than those found at the Powder River Basin. Since the basin’s discovery more than 100 years ago, the area has produced an estimated 2.3 trillion cubic feet of gas and nearly 3 billion barrels of oil across 700 recognized fields.

When it comes to hydrocarbons, however, few reserves have been as active as the Denver-Julesburg Basin, 70,000 square miles that have provided enough resources to supply more than 52,000 wells. Despite extensive drilling, the DJ Basin is still viewed as a prime source of hydrocarbons, with plenty of available upside.

Finally, the Williston Basin, spread across 140,000 square miles in North Dakota, Montana, and Canada, has been a valued oil reserve since the 1980s. Over the years, the basin has provided investors with more than 12 billion barrels of oil.

Joshua Wolcott: Services Offered by Cimmaron Resources, Inc.

Joshua Wolcott joined Cimmaron Resources in 2008. Today, Josh Wolcott serves as the Denver, Colorado-based oil and gas business’ director of operations and land, a position in which he oversees contract land exploration and development projects for independent energy enterprises and for Cimmaron Resources itself. He coordinates projects spread across petroleum-rich regions of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Oklahoma, Montana, and Wyoming. Before working for Cimmaron, Joshua Neale Wolcott served as a project manager at Mandalay Energy Resources, LLC.

Cimmaron Resources offers oil and gas development services in three distinct areas: prospect generation/exploration, land and title work, and complete project management. The company offers significant expertise and resources in prospect generation by maintaining partnerships with numerous petroleum geology firms. The geologists at these firms keep Cimmaron Resources’ executive team abreast of exploration projects so that they may in turn bring these opportunities to their existing energy partners or market them to the industry.

Cimmaron Resources offers extensive land and title services as well. Working with a regular crew of seasoned landmen, the company also maintains partnerships with hundreds of other landmen. This depth of manpower allows the business to quickly and effectively coordinate leasing and title curative activities, property abstracting, and other operations. Also, Cimmaron Resources manages a wide range of in-house and outsourced projects. Over the years, the company has taken many projects from initial conception to development, often finishing with drilling and completion of wells.