The Williston Basin

As the director of operations for oil and gas firm Cimmaron Resources, Inc., Joshua Neale Wolcott leads the management of numerous projects for independent energy companies from conception to completion. In recent years, Joshua Wolcott and his associates have shifted their efforts towards managing Cimmaron’s own projects. From their home base in Denver, Colorado, Josh Wolcott and Cimmaron Resources manage projects across the United States, including the Williston Basin.

Spanning over 140,000 square miles throughout Montana, North Dakota, and southern Canada, the Williston Basin holds an estimated recoverable reserve of 12 billion barrels of oil. While this estimate sat at only 150 million barrels in 1995, technological developments in multi-stage fracture technologies and horizontal drilling have led to an exponential increase in resource possibilities. Among the numerous projects undertaken by Cimmaron in this area is a 60,000-acre operation in northeastern Montana. In the future, the firm hopes to secure several more deals in the Basin’s North Dakota region.