About Joshua Wolcott

Joshua Wolcott possesses diverse career experience in global investment banking, project management, and business development. Early in his career, Joshua Wolcott gained leadership experience as a Program Manager for World Vision. His contributions to the organization included designing a community banking program in a third-world setting that grew to encompass roughly 1,000 small businesses in only a few years. Joshua Wolcott subsequently joined Hoffman Row Group, Inc., in Monterey, California, as an Analyst in 1999. Quickly advancing in his career, he became Director of Finance for Barrington Gap, Inc., in January 2002. In that position, he co-managed a division that offered corporate consulting services for mid-cap companies. His division grew to include approximately 70 staff members, five project managers, and nine partnerships located across the globe.

Joshua Wolcott most recently transitioned from the investment banking industry into the energy industry. Since 2005, he has served as Director of Operations and Land with Cimmaron Resources, Inc. in Denver, Colorado. Cimmaron Resources focuses on managing oil and natural gas projects at optimal locations in the United States. Working closely with exploration companies, Mr. Wolcott leads field operations, project planning programs, and project management initiatives. He notably helped one of his clients expand its operations from 10 producing wells to more than 50 in roughly one year.

Educated at Pepperdine University, Joshua Wolcott completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1995. He went on to earn a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Strategy in 1999. Beyond his career interests, Joshua Wolcott loves to spend his free time outdoors. His favorite activities include rock climbing, hiking, biking, and skiing. Mr. Wolcott is also a dedicated supporter of autism awareness and other charitable causes.


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