Niobrara Shale Formation and the Denver-Julesburg Basin


Denver-Julesburg Basin

Denver-Julesburg Basin

A senior executive with extensive experience in oil and gas exploration, Joshua “Josh” Neale Wolcott has served as director of operations for Cimmaron Resources since 2008. Among his other projects with Cimmaron, Joshua Wolcott established drilling operations in the northern Denver-Julesburg Basin that spanned approximately 55,000 acres.

The Denver-Julesburg Basin sits atop a significant portion of the Niobrara, a large shale formation that many industry professionals have compared to the Bakken shale formation to the north. An emerging oil and gas play, the Niobrara is attracting a range of developers who are securing land leases for future drilling.

The portion of the Niobrara formation that lies beneath the Denver-Julesburg Basin is a combination of shale, marl, chalk, and sandstone. It is situated between 5,500 and 8,500 feet below the earth’s surface. Although primarily exploited as an oil play, its low-lying Codell tight sands formation is currently garnering interest as an emerging natural gas play.


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