Care Beyond the Curriculum: Studying at Pepperdine University

Studying at Pepperdine University pic

Studying at Pepperdine University

Joshua Wolcott is a successful executive in the energy and finance industries. The director of operations and land at Cimmaron Resources, Inc., he oversees project planning, management, and development teams that explore and develop domestic wind, natural gas, and oil resources. Joshua Wolcott is an alumnus of Pepperdine University, where he earned a BA in Economics in 1995 from the Graziadio School of Business and Management.

Pepperdine University offers a unique focus on the student as a whole person, believing that personal transformation is an essential part of the educational experience. The aim of the faculty is not only to equip students with competitive skills, but to encourage students while preparing them to make a positive difference as leaders in their future workplaces and communities. Teaching moral integrity and theology strengthens this focus, with graduates bringing positive ethics to business practices.

The university accomplishes its mission in part by providing smaller class sizes with passionate professors who are willing to go well beyond the curriculum for their students. One alumna describes emailing a professor seeking advice on a job offer after graduation; her professor invited her to lunch and spent over an hour chatting with her about the opportunity. This unique and personal environment helps students to build lasting friendships, make the most of their formal education, and develop the arc of their careers.


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