Autism Speaks Sponsors Light It Up Blue

As the director of operations and land for Cimmaron Resources in Denver, Colorado, Joshua Wolcott manages multiple projects for three exploratory oil and gas firms. Prior to entering the oil and gas industry, Josh Wolcott was successful in the financial sector as a program manager for World Vision Myanmar, implementing a community banking program that financed 1,000 small businesses. In his free time, Joshua Neale Wolcott lends his support to various charities, including those dedicated to autism awareness.

Each year on April 2, the global community recognizes World Autism Awareness Day, established by the United Nations in 2007. Autism Speaks, one of the world’s leading advocates of autism research and awareness, commemorates this day by sponsoring Light It Up Blue. A global initiative, Light It Up Blue urges individuals, businesses, and communities to shine blue lights inside and outside of their homes, offices, and other venues to promote autism awareness. Autism Speaks provides extensive resources on its website to help facilitate this international event, including instructions for fundraiser registration, Light It Up Blue merchandise, and guides to finding and installing blue lighting.

A wide array of international landmarks, sporting venues, concert halls, and other iconic structures have participated in this global awareness campaign, including Australia’s Sydney Opera House, the Empire State Building, and the Torch Hotel in Qatar. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit


Monterey Institute of International Studies Graduate Programs

Denver resident Joshua Neale Wolcott is a management professional at Cimmaron Resources, Inc., in Denver. Joshua Wolcott studied economics at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and earned a bachelor of arts. Subsequently, Josh Wolcott was accepted to the Monterey Institute of International Studies, where he earned an MBA in finance and strategy.

Located on the Central Coast in California, the Monterey Institute of International Studies was established in 1955 as the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies. Six years later, the school acquired its first building in downtown Monterey. Today, that building serves as the president’s office, and the campus has grown to include 19 buildings, which encompass research centers, graduate schools, and special-program facilities.

The institute provides numerous graduate programs that develop skills in innovative approaches, practical application, and collaborative processes. The schools promote hands-on learning style that assists students in become exceptional problem-solvers in the global community. Programs such as the Fisher MBA in international management focus on business, development, and sustainability. In addition, the programs can be customized to specialize in a specific field, like localization management and international finance and economics.

To learn more about the MBA programs at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, visit