Land Work on Split Estates

The Director of Operations and Land at Cimmaron Resources, Inc., in Denver, Colorado, Joshua Wolcott is responsible for project planning, management, field operations, and land work for large-scale oil and gas exploration companies. Under the direction of Josh Wolcott, Cimmaron Resources, Inc., offers specialized land and title work within its scope of services, including curative, abstracting, leasing, and title services.

A split estate occurs when ownership of a land’s surface area excludes the ownership of the land’s subsurface minerals. In some cases, the ownership and rights pertaining to these two separate elements become confusing, because subsurface mineral owners are not required to clarify the severance with surface landowners. A mineral deed is a document containing this information and may be found at a county clerk’s office in the relevant district.

When oil and gas production companies use minerals existing on private land surfaces, the landowners may remain unaware. Whether notification is necessary depends on the jurisdiction. Oil and gas companies often lease privately owned land for exploration, development, and transportation of minerals.