Hydrocarbons in the United States

Joshua Neale Wolcott is the director of operations at Cimmaron Resources, Inc. in Denver, Colorado. Joshua Wolcott has spearheaded many energy projects, including the drilling in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, which is known for its bounty of hydrocarbon resources.

A class of organic compound containing only hydrogen and carbon, hydrocarbons can be found in various gaseous states, including propane, methane, and ethane, as well as in natural gas, coal, petroleum, and plant material. Hydrocarbons are used in fuels and lubricants, and they help with the creation of solvents, plastics and explosives.

North America is said to have more than four times the sources of hydrocarbons found in the entire Middle East. The United States is ranked among the top three hydrocarbon producers. Russia and Saudi Arabia are among the other top producing countries. To maintain its leading status in hydrocarbons, the U.S. signed the Transboundary Hyddocarbon Agreement with Mexico in 2013 to explore oil and gas resources in the maritime border.


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