Hiking Etiquette

Joshua Wolcott is the director of operations and land at Cimmaron Resources, Inc. The Denver, Colorado-based project management company focuses on oil and gas projects in the Rockies. Through Josh Wolcott’s expertise, one business grew from a 10-well operation into a 50-well company leasing thousands of acres in just over a year. In his spare time, Joshua Neale Wolcott enjoys skiing, rock climbing, biking, and hiking.

For hikers, there are a few unwritten rules that make the hike more pleasant both for hikers and for others. The following courteous practices can create a better hiking experience:

– Hike quietly by keeping voices low.
– Move off the trail to take a break.
– Do not leave trash behind, even if it is biodegradable.
– Downhill hikers should yield to uphill hikers.
– Keep pets on a leash and under control.
– Leave what you find; only photographs should be taken home.
– If hiking in a group, do not take up the entire width of the trail.
– Do not feed the wildlife, as this could disrupt the animals’ natural foraging habits.