Joshua Wolcott: Services Offered by Cimmaron Resources, Inc.

Joshua Wolcott joined Cimmaron Resources in 2008. Today, Josh Wolcott serves as the Denver, Colorado-based oil and gas business’ director of operations and land, a position in which he oversees contract land exploration and development projects for independent energy enterprises and for Cimmaron Resources itself. He coordinates projects spread across petroleum-rich regions of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Oklahoma, Montana, and Wyoming. Before working for Cimmaron, Joshua Neale Wolcott served as a project manager at Mandalay Energy Resources, LLC.

Cimmaron Resources offers oil and gas development services in three distinct areas: prospect generation/exploration, land and title work, and complete project management. The company offers significant expertise and resources in prospect generation by maintaining partnerships with numerous petroleum geology firms. The geologists at these firms keep Cimmaron Resources’ executive team abreast of exploration projects so that they may in turn bring these opportunities to their existing energy partners or market them to the industry.

Cimmaron Resources offers extensive land and title services as well. Working with a regular crew of seasoned landmen, the company also maintains partnerships with hundreds of other landmen. This depth of manpower allows the business to quickly and effectively coordinate leasing and title curative activities, property abstracting, and other operations. Also, Cimmaron Resources manages a wide range of in-house and outsourced projects. Over the years, the company has taken many projects from initial conception to development, often finishing with drilling and completion of wells.